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Suga Builders and Construction offers a full service and hands on approach to the project management and site co-ordination for many types of interiors:

  • Corporate and general offices
  • Specialty retail and fashion stores
  • Spa and fitness centres
  • Cafes, restaurants and pubs
  • Health care environments
  • Manufacturing environments
  • Building interiors upgrade

We specialize in commercial construction and remodeling of office buildings, medical offices, professional office, any type of building and any type of remodel. We are the team of professionals that you need. We work hard so you don’t have too. We offer crews available 24/7 for quicker turnaround of your project. We service North and South Carolina from the mountains to coast. And our team of licensed and fully insured craftsman can do the job right the first time.

Project Process

Our work process is pretty simple and straight forward. We visit the site and provide an estimated pricing, and upon agreement we initiate and make sure to get the work done in the estimated time and cost.

The Initial Planning

We plan everything and every step before starting the project.  Our designer, architect, decorators and labor, we all work as a team and get your space remodeled or constructed in a timely fashion.