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Looking for more family space in your home? Don’t begin by thinking you need to create an expensive addition to the house, look at what’s below ground level first! Gain valuable living space by finishing or remodeling your basement. The remodeling experts at Suga Builders have valuable tips and cost-effective strategies to remodel your basement.

Some Important Points:

Basement remodeling projects are a quick, easy, and affordable way to add value and versatility to your home. Whether you are thinking of doing small projects or big, you still need to do your research and get the best estimates and pricing possible before beginning your work.

The Truth behind Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling projects are a great way to enhance your home while adding value to it. But did you know that it is easier today than ever before to complete your basement remodeling projects? It’s true. With the current advances in building materials and technology, improvements to this area of your home are affordable, fast, and versatile.
As you know, basement remodeling projects can fall anywhere between small, do-it-yourself projects to full-blown construction efforts and everything in-between. The good news for homeowners is that many of the more popular types of projects can now be completed quickly and affordably.

The First Step to a Basement Remodel is planning

Your basement remodel should always begin with two things: A well-defined purpose and a well-defined plan. Defining the purpose is simply determining all of the things that you want your new space to do for you. Is your desire to create a family media room or perhaps a workout area for exercising? Do you need more storage space? Perhaps you want to set up an entertainment area for parties and family gatherings? Is a home office your goal?

Spend some time thinking carefully about everything that you want this space to do and jot it all down for later reference. Try to include all of your goals for the space.

Once you have your purpose defined, it is time to make a plan. Hiring a basement remodeling contractor is the best way to get started, even if it is only for a consultation and help with research. Some projects may require special permits from your local authorities, other projects may require special skills such as adding or removing electrical devices, plumbing, or walls. The more prepared you are with your plan, and the more details you have covered in it such as pricing and material costs, the faster and easier your project go. A carefully drawn up plan is also the best defense against cost overruns.

Project Process
Our work process is pretty simple and straight forward. We visit the site and provide an estimated pricing, and upon agreement we initiate and make sure to get the work done in the estimated time and cost.
The Initial Planning

We plan everything and every step before starting the project.  Our designer, architect, decorators and labor, we all work as a team and get your space remodeled or constructed in a timely fashion.